One of the three points we at Tri-Point Outfitters believe is essential in being prepared is knowledge.

Starting at birth our minds begin learning, filling our brains with useful, and sometimes not so useful information. At first it’s due to instinct, and then as we grow we add desire and necessity to the list or reasons why we search out specific information.

It is with this knowledge that we are able to do things from the mundane, such as eating, to the more difficult like computer programming, and everything in between. This same knowledge is necessary to prepare for every day life as well as emergencies that may present themselves.

You can give a person all the best gear in the world, but without the knowledge on how to use it, it’s just a waste. Even worse, it could be dangerous. Encountering things for the first time without any knowledge of what they are can be just a futile. Can you imagine walking up to a door and not knowing how to turn the knob? You could be trapped for eternity. What about going camping, pulling out a brand new tent just before it starts raining, and realizing you don’t know how to put it up? Of course these examples are far fetched, and they can likely be overcome by trial and error, but I think you can see what I’m getting at.

This is why we view Knowledge as the key point, without which nothing else matters. With the advent of the internet, it has never been easier to obtain knowledge about practically anything for free.

One major misconception is that the only way to obtain knowledge is through formal education. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Friends, acquaintances, the internet, schools, trial and error, instinct, etc. are all viable sources of knowledge. I think that the key to becoming knowledgeable is determination. Without it most quickly give up and walk away. With it people can do almost anything. Let’s face it, determination to obtain knowledge put us in a car, provided us with the ability to make electricity, cured polio, and put us on the moon. The same resolute determination can help us be prepared for day to day life as well as any emergencies that should arise.

We urge each and every one of you to seek out knowledge. Whether it be related to the things we talk about here at Tri-Point Outfitters or not, fill your mind. Revel in it. Be determined. Build a wealth of knowledge, then share the wealth with others. Most of all, enjoy it.

“Knowledge is power.” 
~Sir Francis Bacon


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