What is D-D-D? Simpy, it stands for “Don’t Discount Desperation”.

To us, this is a relatively dark topic. We tend to think that people, in general, are good. Sure, there are those out there who are inherently bad, but it would seem as though they are the exception. This can quickly change when times get tough. We see good people doing bad things when faced with no other choice. You simply can’t discount what a person can and will do when they are desperate.

The problem is, most people are heavily reliant upon the “system”. Getting food is as simple as trip to the grocery store or restaurant, clean water as close as the tap, and security a mere phone call away.

This isn’t always the case. We can look into recent history to see that in the event of an emergency the system can, and often times does, break down. As you can imagine, when the system breaks down, we lose the convenience that comes along with it, and this is when desperation sets in.

Few of us have been truly starving or thirsty. Sure, we’ve sensed the need for a drink or a snack, but that’s nothing when compared with what we would feel if we went a day or two without ANY food or water. It’s in these cases that our sense of desperation drives us to a primal place where we might do things we wouldn’t do normally. Some survival stories reflect people drinking their own urine after a day without water due to the bodies intense sense of urgency to be re-hydrated. I think most of us can all agree that is not typical behavior.

stockpileIt’s this desperation that drives normally good people to do horrible, despicable, things. With that in mind we urge you to keep your preparations somewhat close to the vest. If an acquaintance knows you have something they need, and they are desperate to get it, they may turn on you.  Remember, don’t discount desperation, and be prepared to deal with desperate people in the event of an emergency.

“We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation.”
~Jim Rohn

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