Every Day Carry, or E.D.C., is a term we see a lot when looking into preparedness and survival information. As the name suggests, it’s what you carry on your person every day. So imagine if you were to empty your pockets, whatever might be in there on any given day would be your every day carry.

As we see it, it shouldn’t be daunting to gather it up, and it shouldn’t weigh you down. Yet again, our philosophy plays a huge role in what we have with out every day carry. We look at it as a very temporary stop gap should we get caught in an emergency while out. In most cases we’re not very far from the house, car, or office, so it will give us some tools that will allow us to get back to one. We tend to have a level of preparations in each place that are a little (or a lot) more substantial. Augmenting is part of our philosophy, and the every day carry could be considered tier 1, with next level prep (car / home / office) being tier 2 and so forth. With that in mind, we are very deliberate when deciding what we should add.

Now, some of this every day carry material is very common sense. Most of us carry our ID and keys when we leave the house, and it’s becoming more and more common for people to carry their cell phone every where they go. Each of these are great pieces of your every day carry, and they can be bolstered to increase their usefulness. Things like apps for a smartphone, adding a small knife or paracord to your key ring, or adding extra cash and emergency contact info to your wallet are all great examples of bolstering.

Some things that we have added to our everyday carry may also already be in your pockets. What we’re talking about here are things like a pocket knife of lighter. I’ve been carrying a pocket knife for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t thrown in with preparedness at the forefront of my mind, but looking back on it I certainly was preparing for my day should I need it. The lighter found its way into my pocket as I started getting into hiking and I found it could be useful in everyday activities, so it stayed.

Of course, we talk about our preps evolving over time and our every day carry is no exception. A couple of things that I added over time were a flashlight and paracord bracelet. The flashlight came from hiking as well. It ended up being used quite frequently, and I found myself missing it as I was taking walks in the evening. The bracelet just seemed like a smart idea that didn’t take up any room or add any noticeable weight.

One thing I haven’t talked about is a firearm. Carrying a firearm is a very personal decision, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Assuming that you make the decision to carry a firearm daily be sure to know and comply with the laws where you are, and we urge you to get advanced training.

With that said, we carry our pistol and an extra magazine every day, unless the place we are going prohibits firearms. As we see it, having a gun for every day carry does you no good unless you carry it.

Consider this a primer on every day carry, and look forward to more detailed and elaborate posts outlining the individual components. Over time you’ll see what we’ve chosen and why we chose what we did.

“Be prepared.”
~Boy Scout Motto

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